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Breastform Adhesive

Adhesive which can be used to stick on silicones as well as adhesive remover

AMOLUX Diamond self adhering breast forms

AMOLUX Diamond self adhering breast forms

Ref: AmoDia

Price: 210.00 / 247.80

Sizes Available

•Self-adhering silicone breast forms ith built-in adhesive

•Made with Ultra Soft silicone

•Non-shiny super-soft realistic finish

•Fits left and right and makes shoulders appear smaller

•Full of movement and bounce for the perfect luxury

•Natural-looking profile

Experience perfect luxury with Diamond self-attaching breast forms from AMOLUX. These breast forms are full of natural movement and are soft as cashmere. Tapered edges help create a more natural appearance. Slightly concave back fits most body types.

•Naturally weighted

•One year manufacturers' warranty against defects

•Innovative self-adhesive back is easy to attach without any additional glues or tapes

•Beautiful AMOLUX storage box included

•Warms to your body for the most natural experience

•Includes FREE fabric pads so you can wear AMOLUX breast forms without adhesive

AMOLUX Diamond breast forms have an adhesive silicone that covers the back of the breast form. Its unique adhesive pattern gives the sensation of having natural breast, due to the natural tension created by the adhesive.

As always, your breast forms will be shipped discreetly in a plain, unmarked box with no identifying labels.

How to use AMOLUX Diamond adhesive breast forms

To attach AMOLUX Diamond breast forms, clean your chest using AMOLUX Skin Tonic. This removes any body oils on the skin. For a better clean and a better stick, use our Skin Tac Wipes to prepare your skin. Allow your skin to properly dry, then position the breast forms on your chest.

When done with your breast forms, slowly remove the breast forms from your body by gently pulling at the edges and lifting up. Wash the breast form using AMOLUX Cleansing Lotion and the AMOLUX Cleanser Brush for a gentle yet deep cleansing. Cleaning AMOLUX Diamond breast forms with the provided cleansers is the only way to maintain the adhesive.

NOTE: Smaller sizes will have better adhesion than the larger sizes, due to the weight of the breast form. Clients who are best-suited to our Classic II design may be required to pay extra attention to the adhesion of the breast form.

NEVER sleep wearing silicone breast forms - your weight may burst them!

Rear of Breasts

SALE Softleaves Triangular Full Silicones witohut nipple

SALE Softleaves Triangular Full Silicones witohut nipple

Ref: Soft

Price: 40.00 / 47.20

Full Silicone Triangular breast forms each unit weighs 655 grams

Triangular shape to match the curves of the chest cage giving perfect fit and comfort; therefore providing the feel and look of having large breasts.

Symmetrical shape, therefore, both breasts can be u

sed on either the left or right side

Bounce and feel similar to normal breast due to the ultra-soft silicone gel which is encased in a micro-thin polyurethane layer, providing a similar homogenous structure to natural breast.

Designed to be used with almost any bra.

Easy placement, durable, water proof and warm up to the body temperature.

The breasts come in a simple discrete plain packaging, 1 SIZE 40B/C SIZE

Was £85 NOW Only £40


STOCK SALE Quality Asymetric Silicone Breasts

STOCK SALE Quality Asymetric Silicone Breasts


Price: 130.00 / 153.40


Our best selling Maxima Silicones

Top of the range quality silicone breast enhancement. Made using high quality silicone as also used in masectomy implants, which indeed are made in the adjoining plant, MAXIMA prosthesis are manufactured with an extra flexible silicone gel which is very similar to the natural breast tissue.


The nearest high quality equivalents we have found to these silicone breast enhancers can cost more than £300 and up to £500 for the adhesive style, but we are able to offer these fabulous products to you for much, much less than that.


How does one care for a prosthesis?

Whenever the bra is changed, one should carefully remove the breast form from its cover and gently hand wash it in a mild detergent in warm water. Rinse and pat dry. Return the form to a clean cover. When not being worn the prosthesis should be properly stored in its original box and cradle. The outer film can be damaged by punctures. Use special care around long finger nails, jewelry and domestic animals with sharp claws.

The MAXIMA Silicone Prosthesis comes with a full 12 month warranty against manufacturers defects. The average life span of a prosthesis is three to five years; however, with proper care, the form could last years longer.


Normal Price £165

Larger photo
A short video clip showing Maximas and Nearly Me Silicones

STOCK SALE Transform Nearly Me Triangle Silicones

STOCK SALE Transform Nearly Me Triangle Silicones

Ref: NME

Price: 115.00 / 135.70


Triangle shape. With light coloured nipples. These breast forms are an inexpensive solution to post mastectomy, non-medical grade breast form prosthesis and breast enhancement. Available in a Triangle shape

Realistic weight fills bra well. Not quite as realistic feel as Maxima forms but great value for money !!

Can these be worn braless ??

The answer to this question is yes we have 3 types of adheisve including the Hollister Spray and double sided patches made specially for this product however we DO feel these are not the best type of silicone breast enhancers to be worn braless. These we believe are the Maxima Braless Option featured above.

<Size chart...>

Push Ups

Push Ups

Ref: PushUps

Price: 10.00 / 11.80

For MORE Cleavage!

2 skin-colored breast pads with 4 adhesive strips.

Fits Bra Cup A +, 100% polyurethane.

Breast Enhancement

For our transformation customers and others, we have a number of breast enhancement products such as silicone breast enhancers and a variety of different breast forms.

Large Nearly Me Breastform

Large Nearly Me Breastform

Ref: 130

Price: 125.00 / 147.50



sizes 8, 9 and 10 only

Can these be worn braless ??

The answer to this question is yes we have 3 types of adheisve including the Hollister Spray and double sided patches, made specially for this product, however we DO feel these are not the best type of silicones to be worn braless.

See also our other site

Black Transgender Bra

Black Transgender Bra

Ref: 27700163067

Price: 22.00 / 25.96


Specially designed for the transgendered with mind a see throu sexy bra with hidden pockets into which you put your silicone bras . Keeps them safely contained not likely to fall out unexpected causing embarrassment.

Now your forms will really feel part of you

Colours Black Only


White Transgender Bra

White Transgender Bra

Ref: 27700163066

Price: 22.00 / 25.96

Sizes Available

All the benefits of the TG bra but in White

Stay Put Celebrity Tape

Stay Put Celebrity Tape

Ref: 194

Price: 4.99 / 5.89

This simple, yet ingenious creation sticks a whole list of clothing and fashion accessories firmly yet comfortably to your body. Some of the possible uses of the tape include: Conceals Bra Straps, Secures low necklines, Closes Blouse Gaps, Prevents hold-ups slipping, Adjusts wrap skirts, Adheres Breast Enhancers, Firmly holds toupees, wigs, moustaches and beards and many more.

The stars secret is out! Never be snapped falling out of one of our more revealing outfits at a premiere again! Handy, skin-safe adhesive strips keeps those daring, sexy outfits firmly in place..

Completely hypoallergenic, leaves absolutely no marks when used. The most important accessory in a girls handbag (apart from a condom of course!)

Recommended by Cosmopolitan and Vogue


Nearly Me Silicone Size Chart

Nearly Me Silicone Size Chart

Ref: chart

Comprehensive guide to nearly me breast form sizes

TV TS CD Catalogue |  Breast Forms

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